Open Source Licencing Made Simple


My cousin recently started out developing web applications. I asked him if he is planning to develop commercially or for the open-source arena. His answer basically came down to first for open-source with goal of later exploring commercial options. Then I asked him under which licence he will be developing the open-source applications and he was like “Wha-a-a-t?

King III Report on Corporate Governance (Part 2)

corporate governanceHi everyone,

Click here if you haven’t yet read PART 1 of this article on the King III Report on Corporate Governance.

In the first part of this article I briefly gave my views on the following chapters in the King III Report and how I think it relates to ICT:

  • Ethical leadership and corporate citizenship
  • Boards and directors
  • Audit committees
  • The governance of risk

I did not consider The governance of information technology (IT) chapter, as this will form a separate and individual article. Let’s continue with the remaining chapters and I look forward to your engagements.