Do we need social media laws?

social-media-picHi all,

By now we all probably know what social media is and what it is all about. There are literally hundreds of social media platforms, from LinkedIn to FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and many more.

Businesses use it to build their brands, increase sales, improve customer service, distribute their content, and most probably a hundred other uses. On a personal level, social media platforms are used as an easy, affordable and quick way to connect with family and friends. People can now easily show others what’s going on in their lives, what they achieved, sharing news, pictures and videos.

I have read many debates on the need for social media in business versus the negative impacts of it on business. From most of the articles I have read, the common thread for this negativity of social media in business is the fact that the users do not know when to draw the line between social media for business and social media for personal use.

The question that I ask is whether we need social media laws?

Interesting Shifts in Internet Law in 2014

shifts-internet-lawHi everyone,

Technology is an ever-changing landscape and a fast landscape might i can say. The law is also not static, but change is comparatively slower than technology and this is the basis for the disconnect between law and ICT.

The USA, in my opinion, is the “trend-setters” in technology law. From that it normally doesn’t take long before we see South Africa follow these trends. Therefore with the changes in Internet Law, I expect we will be seeing similar trends and it might be worthwhile giving some consideration to these.

My issue however, our courts not taking decisive actions in terms of internet law, thereby not creating law in South Africa.

Western Cape Broadband Initiative

broadband_fibreHi everyone,

By now most of us know about the broadband initiative coördinated and driven by The Western Cape Government’s Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDAT). The tender was awarded to Neotel and the goal is to make internet available to every citizen.I have personally dreamt about this since 1997. There are so many reasons why this is a requirement and it is a pity that Provincial and even National Government took so long to realise the value of this. Needless to say, it’s finally a reality and a great positive for the Western Cape citizens and economy in general! Another example of the Western Cape’s ability to drive technology in the country and that we are really the technology hub of South Africa.

So what more is there to say about this initiative? Well, I have a few things on my mind…

$100 000 Fine for Website Linking

Hi everyone.

I was dumbstruck and believe me, it takes a lot to get me speechless… While reading through some article, I came across an issue that relating to “linking” to other websites. In the article reference was made to Standard Bank’s website Terms and Conditions of Access, which states that they DO NOT allow linking to their website without permission.


Hi everyone,

Thank you for visiting this the ICT Jurist|Nino Hendricks blog. This is the ‘go to’ resource for information technology law in South Africa. This is a free space, where the word ‘free’ refers to freedom of expression. I still have to put down some ‘house-rules’, because not everyone knows how to use the “freedom” that’s bestowed upon them…