Featured Member-of-the-Month

featured membersHi guys and girls,

I am hoping to pay tribute to the users of this blog and give something back to everyone for their support by starting a featured members section.

What I will basically be doing is to post something like an interview (Q&A) with a chosen user.

How this will work is as follows.

  1. I will email the person a series of “interview” questions which will be related to a predetermined topic. This topic can be random, the person’s field of expertise or a topic of their choice. These Q&A’s, together with the person’s background, a picture, etc. will then be posted on the ICT Jurist blog.
  2. I’m also planning to do video recorded interviews, either via SKYPE or at a premises of the person’s choice. The person will be given a set of questions that will be discussed and video interviews will then be posted to the blog.
  3. Lastly, I am investigating the quality of recorded telephone interviews. Again, the person will receive a list of questions that will be discussed and then uploaded to this blog.

Questions and topics will be provided a few days before the “interview” and the person may decide whether they are comfortable with the intended questions. Both video and telephone Q&A’s will still feature a background of the person or their business and I will afford them the opportunity to decide what they want to disclose in their background.

If you are interested in featuring as a “member-of-the-month”, please use the contact form on the blog and I will get in touch with you.

A link was created in the main(top) menu of ICT Jurist and all featured members will be displayed under the link.

If you know of someone that might be interested, please share this with them or on your social networks.

Kind regards,


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